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The National Service Scheme (NSS) sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, has been in operation in this college since 1986. The basic objective of the NSS is to arouse and enrich the social consciousness of students. The scheme is intended to provide an opportunity to students to engage in constructive social action, programs, develop co operative team spirit and gain skills in democratic leadership quality. The unit has been organizing activities relate3d to social problems widely specific programs relate to;

  1. a)   Environment: - Plantation activities, cleanliness drives, plastic elimination campaign as well as seminars and workshops by eminent environmentalists are conducted.

  2. b)   Health and Hygiene:- Workshops and seminars by doctors and professors are conducted issue related to AIDS, an stress to create awareness.

  3. c)   One day camps:- Camps are conducted at various place of municipality (Sainthia)  as cleanliness drives.

  4. d)   One week camps:- Camps are also conducted in various areas of the district for volunteers who have been active throughout the year.

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