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Students Union

Like all colleges administered according to the Burdwan University status, Abhedananda Mahavidyalaya has a democratically elected students union.

There is a constructive relation between the union and the administration. The general atmosphere of the college is conducive to serious study. Critical inputs are welcomed from the students union, but the union and the administration co- operate to ensure discipline. The spirit of co-operation has ensured that no working days  has lost in the last three years because of student unterest.

The student’s union organizes various cultural programs and competition, apart from the annual sports, annual social programs, Health-Camp, Saraswati Puja and welcome address to fresher. It also publishes the annual college magazine. The prestigious ‘Golden Jubilee celebration’ of the college(2014-2015) is being conducted by the students union in collaboration with the alumni association as well as the present staffs and student body.


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